Best moisturizers for thirsty skin

No offense homegurl, but we all need to pay close attention to our skin. The seasons are changing and our skin may demand more out of the current body moisturizer. Now, is the perfect time to do an inventory of what you have or need, but before you hit the mall running, you must decide in advance if it will be cream or butter that you’ll be buying? And no, this blog is not about baked goods. And yes, adding glycerine and Bio Oil to your lotion is so junior high. Leave that lotion alone and, as my girls would say, answer to the question… cream or butter? IMG_20150303_200206 Cream moisturizers have less water and more oils, in some cases butter, compared to lotions. This makes them take longer to be absorbed by the skin, but they keep the skin looking and feeling nourished for longer. When they have fragrance added to them, its scent will last longer as well, thanks to the cream’s high oil content. IMG_20150303_200121

Body butters have a higher concentration of oils compared to body creams. They are best applied on moist skin to lock in the already existing moisture and they offer better protection against dry conditions. You may be pleased to know that some body butters are hair moisturizers as well, making them more handy to have. This is why I never travel without them.

Creams and butters are not to be relegated to dry seasons only, a thirsty skin will lap them up any time of the year and will glow in appreciation.

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5 thoughts on “Best moisturizers for thirsty skin

  1. Gurlll!!! I will be junior high until I die…I mix tissue oil with my body lotion; cream or butter! it works for my thirsty skin. Good post all round:)


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