Style on Budget

Tips on how to look well groomed on budget

IMG-20121219-WA000You work too hard to look shabby, but your banker can be a stingy fellow and may fail to understand that having your hair and nails did is a lady’s birth right. In such a situation, how does a sister then look like a million rand on a Zim dollar budget?

Group Buying Power:

These websites are thriving all over the world due to the power of group buying that enables them to offer goods and services at affordable prices. Groupon was my introduction to group buying and they have been my online fairy godmother for years now. Group buying websites offer all types of bargains, not limited to beauty and spa treats, at very pocket friendly rates.

Become a beauty product reviewer:

Beauty Bulletin and Beauty South Africa do not tell you what the beauty industry wants you to read or hear. Both websites give every day women an opportunity to try out full-size products in the comfort of their homes. In return they only ask for honest reviews and they publish them for the whole world to see, no censoring.

Be a face:

We all have something that is perfection, or at least close to perfection that we have been blessed with. After years of my girls going gaga over my skin, I finally got convinced that I could make my face pay for its own upkeep and that is how I became one of the Faces of Placecol for 2012/ 2013. In that period, I got spoiled silly with facial treatments, massages, manicures and pedicures without lifting my wallet. I also learned more about taking care of my skin and I got to enjoy the benefits that come with having a

Holiday-Bag-Promo-E-mailerhealthy glowing skin.

Take up stalking:

According to Wikipedia, stalking behaviour “may include following the victim in person or monitoring them”. Believe me, all your favourite beauty brands, retail stores, spas and beauty salons are eager and more than willing to be your victim. Use your precious data bundles to follow, like and sign up for newsletters. That way you’ll never miss out on competitions, promotions and sales.

I shared with you, so you may share with your fellow sisters to make this sharing circle bigger.

With love & respect,


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