Lancome Advanced Genefique Week 1 – Beauty Bulletin Trials


As lady luck would have it, I am pretty pleased to say that I am one of the 15 Beauty Bulletin insiders that are part of the Lancome Advanced Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate Trial Team. So, for the next three weeks I will be sharing my take on this R780 Lancome offering.

The look:

The Lancome Advanced Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate comes in a 30 ml glass bottle that has a silver top with the body in an ombre colour combination of black and white. Its silver self-filling dropper cap has a press button engraved with the iconic Lancome rose.

reeeThe feel:

Genefique’s cloudy white solution feels luxurious without being overly creamy. Just one drop from the cap is all one needs for full face application, taking the guess work out of measuring. It sinks quickly into my clean and toned face, but is surprisingly neither sticky nor oily feeling which I like because my oily t-zone needs no help to look shiny.

Week 1 impression:

I like the texture of my skin and it feels plumper. I’ve seen some improvements in my skin tone as well, it is not even yet, but I have high hopes. Somehow my face seems to be emitting less oil on my forehead and nose, which is unexpected but a welcomed surprise. Here’s to three more weeks of the Genefique Youth Activating journey, stick around and #LoveYourAge with us.

With love & respect,


P.S. I have posted the Week 2. Check it here 😉


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