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My Black Opal Lipstick Obsession

It is easy to be loyal to a brand that offers quality, locally available and affordable products. One of the brands that tick all my loyalty prerequisite boxes is Black Opal. As a Foschini brand ambassador and a Centurion resident, I was beyond thrilled when I discovered that the Centurion Mall Foschini has added Black Opal to their list of beauty counters. It’s quickly becoming my favourite weekend haunt.coverA bit of blurb on the brand is that it was founded in 1994 to cater to black American’s skin care needs. In 1997 they added a cosmetic range and started selling in Africa, in Ethopia to be exact. We were not the first in Africa, but since Black Opal ultimately made its way down South, all is forgiven.

At the premier of The Perfect Guy that I attended a wee back, courtesy of Black Opal, I decided to give a variation of Black Opal pink lippies a try. I chose a French Pink and Sassy lipstick. Sassy ended being the colour I chose to wear for the night. Even though I love and own both lipsticks, Sassy definitely has an edge, it totally throws out sassy vibes.

Wearing Sassy Black Opal lipstick at the premier of The Perfect Guy – Rosebank Ster-Kinekor

Andisa, the BFF and I feeling pretty – Makeup by Black Opal, the silly posing all me.
Hair – All me. Makeup – Black Opal. Bag – Ilundi. Skirt – Spree. Boots – Foschini.
My previous Black Opal lipstick obsession was the Rich Red that I wore throughout February in support of #RedMyLips. Rich Red was quickly followed by the kick-ass Berry Wicked.

Wicked Berry lipstick on my lips, radical ain't it?
Berry Wicked lipstick on my lips, radical ain’t it?

unnamed 4All the Black Opal lipsticks I’ve tried bowled me with their intense pigmentation and rich formula. Even when worn daily, they do not dry out my lips and required one touch-up every four hours, making them a perfect lippie for the girl-on-the-go.

To curb the Fear Of Missing Out, check the Black Opal website and see their long list of stores the stock Black Opal. If there is no store closest to you, log on to MzansiFro for your beauty fix. The Centurion Black Opal and Foschini fans can holla at yours truly for a Foschini discount voucher hook up. FOMO avoided.

With love and colourful smooches,


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