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Happy New Year – Healthier Hair, Naturally

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Illustrations by Niki Kobi

Come 2016, I will set righteous fire on anyone who dares say mean things about their natural hair.

My hair is thicker and difficult to manage compared to yours, hence I braid/weave/relax.

I can never be a natural, my face or head’s shape is not meant for TWA.

I need this weave doll; the hairline must just be strong.

I do not wear makeup, so an Afro will make me look manly.

I have not been shella-ed since I’ve gone natural, a hair change has got to come.

If you have uttered such silliness in my presence, now, you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I place my lack of length squarely at your door because you left me pulling my hair in exasperation.

Five years ago I could have forgiven such bad mouthing, but in this day and age of Naturalistas sharing information on the World Wide Web on a daily basis such words are unforgivable. Our local hair market also has an amazing array of proudly South African hair products meant just for us, so throwing shade on thy fro is beyond pale. It is bad enough that our society feels comfortable in saying things like…

Date me baby, I am a generous man, your hair will always be done with me as your man.

Are you planning to do anything to that hair. It is starting to remind me of those kids that had lice in school.

Do something about that hair babe, you’re starting to look like a poor farm girl.

Hearing a relatively enlightened brother, your concerned mom or your best pal, who has now been relegated to an ex-pal, is neither helpful nor a confidence builder, as much as we laugh it off in good humour.

Can we all be a tad nicer in 2016? Avoid unspoken competitions of whose hair grows faster, has a softer texture or a better curl definition? Can we just support each other in growing healthy hair while cultivating healthier mindsets towards our glorious mane?

Thank you for reading and a blessed New Year to you.

With kisses and hugs,


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Healthier Hair, Naturally

    1. Hello Cece, you have just help me come to a decision. So, I will break it all down on the next post which was planned to be out by Monday, but will now be published today. I will tag you one on the post once it has been published.


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