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Afro Care Made Simpler

Winter is the time to hide the Afro or it gets a bad rep, which I find really unfair, so because of that and some requests received, I am breaking down my weekly or fortnightly hair care as well as my day-to-day hair routine. As you can see below, they are simple and do-able throughout the year.


My Weekly/ Fortnightly Hair Care is made of:

  1. Giving my hair a thorough wash using a clarifying sulfate shampoo to remove dirt and product build-up. ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo works well for me and I do this at night;
  2. Next, I dry my freshly washed hair by scrunching it with an old t-shirt and wrapping my head with a microfiber hair towel;
  3. Once the excess moisture has been absorbed, I apply my treatment product, in my case that will be a Mizani or an ORS deep conditioner and while I coat my hair, section by section, I also detangle it using my fingers;
  4. Then, I cling wrap my hair, put on a thick shower cap, an old beanie and a doek to generate and maintain heat overnight to allow the treatment product to penetrate the hair shaft;
  5. In the morning, I rinse my deep conditioned hair with luke-warm water and dry it in the same fashion as before;
  6. I then spray on a leave-in conditioner, the L’oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Leave-In Conditioning Spray is my product of choice, I get it 20% off at Foschini and you could too;
  7. Moving on, I apply L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil-in-Cream, any good quality hydrating and nourishing hair cream will do really;
  8. My last product is the Umera Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which I happen to love and sell too. This oil is a hair growth stimulator and moisture sealer that protects the hair from drying out;
  9. To detangle once more, I use a wide tooth Dunman detangling comb from Dis-chem and I comb my hair gentle in small sections until I am tangle-free; and
  10. To style, I use a Dunman afro comb and I am ready to face the world.

My everyday hair care consists of co-washing, i.e. washing with conditioner only, rinsing my hair with luke-warm water or spraying it with distilled water, followed by Steps 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

I hope you find this post informative, if not, talk to me.

Keep warm,


2 thoughts on “Afro Care Made Simpler

  1. Thank you for the informative post. There are lot of products and I’m just thinking if they would work on my hair.
    Due to lack of knowledge on how to care for natural hair, I have subjected my hair to a lot of hair dryer and they would look like they have been blow relaxed.
    I will try buying some products meant for natural as recommended here and by the FB page Natural hair( where I got to know you)
    When I have all the products I will come back here to check the steps and start doing these. I want my natural hair yet manageable hair so badly.


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